Šumatovačka AIR (Artist in Residence Program)

In year 2012, all conditions for establishing a unique residential program in the Center of Fine Arts and Education – Šumatovačka, were achieved. The emphasis was on expanding partnership network, as well as carrying out with promotional activities during numerous manifestations and individual presentations in order to introduce this program.

Center’s Residential program relies on the history of Šumatovačka as the place where artists lived, created, communicated… Now it offers a possibility of staying in 25 square meters double bed accommodation, as well as art studios on residents’ disposal.

The significance of this combined creativity and art education program is reflected mainly in creating a scope for intercultural dialogue, collaboration with the countries in the region and others outside of it, artists’ mobility, new meeting point and mutual work on actualizing and investigating problems, finding solutions for the problems regarding art and culture… creating possibilities for implementation of international projects, as well as connecting and organizing encounters between foreign and native artists and people involved  in art and culture domain.

Šumatovačka AIR is mainly designed for interdisciplinary artists and researchers; younger ones which think of intercultural dialog as an important element of development; for those with established international reputation who are interested in sharing experience of working on themed workshops and lectures along with local artists; also for Serbian artists with permanent residence and work place outside Belgrade area.

Šumatovačka AIR will be a part of collaboration platform with other organizations and institutions from culture, art and education domain such as University of Art, cultural centers, Bitef Theater, BELEF Center, Cultural Center Dom omladine Belgrade, Cultural Centre of Belgrade etc. It will also host lecturers from other countries invited by cultural institutions or foreign legations, creating so additional settings for developing contents of events mentioned above through workshop activities and productions.

Šumatovačka AIR further offers numerous services: two ateliers (95m² and 62m²), photographer studio, First Floor Studio, printing press, wireless internet connection, computers, exhibition space (galleries: Stepenište and  Vračarska bašta) and possibilities for communicating with audience through various public contents and other professional training programs such as project Kafe Pedagogija (Pedagogy Café), open discussions with artists, lectures, communicating with expert public, events for wider audiences etc.

Supported by BOSCH, Belgrade.

Special thanks to FORING GROUP d.o.o. Enterprises, Belgrade and VIK-PROJEKT Agency.