Kosta Bogdanović (1930-2012.), Mask, wood, 1968., Sumatovacka art collection, donated with courtesy of artist


Strength of one people and one country is in each individual’s awareness of their values,

culture and identity.

Systematic and dedicated care of a social community towards its values, including constant examination, evaluation and targeted communication are necessary for devising and constructing desired future. The Centre of Fine Arts and Education – Šumatovačka, Belgrade, as an institution of a great significance to city’s culture for its joined educational and artistic nature (character), was from the founding in 1948, a unique in this region. This fact, as well as its history, long-lasting tradition and wide range of renowned artist related to it in various forms, make it special, confirm its significance and point out that it is in fact a a part of our cultural heritage. Over ten thousand  students gained their basic of arts in this institution. Many of them became well-known artists, architects, theoreticians, critics and educators...

Those who built Šumatovačka, worked in it, and recorded reality with their own testimonies, created an environment for discovering new artistic means and tendencies in our art community and opened space for artists-explorers  to step outside the traditional bounderies of artistic expression. They introduced possibilities for developping a different art scene in our town, as well as in the domain of fine arts and creation outside the dominant cultural matrix in all of ex-Yugoslav territories.

In year 2010, the forming of Šumatovačka Art Collection – Work in Progress has been initiated. Creator of the project was MD Vesna Bogunović, Theoretician of Art and Media and general manager of the Center for Fine Arts and Education. This collection consisted of artworks dating from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day, will represent one of the richest overviews of our contemporary visual art. At the same time, it will be constantly changing, and not only because of permanent developing and expanding, but also by continuous displaying in various unexpected surroundings, different correlations, circumstances and various occasions. That way, it will stimulate and promote communication and critical opinion of all potential viewers, in fact- of all members of one society. Transformation, continuity, study, systematization, interaction, preservation, as well as reading and construction of contents which are no longer one-way nor one interpretation. Those are the basic criteria while working on collection for curator and coordinator Ksenija Marinković, also an art historian and program editor in Šumatovačka.  

With courtesy of artists, former students in Šumatovačka, who were among the first to donate their works, on 14th September 2010. in gallery of Vračar Municipality building, the first selection of work debuted. It was  within the eventEuropean Heritage Days: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. The exhibition was opened by Vračar District Council Chairman Branimir Kuzmanović.

Nowadays, after almost two years of existance and in association with artists who recognized the significance of this kind of heritage, collection introduces the work made by: Antić Dunja, Arnautović Snežana, Bogdanović Kosta (1930-2012), Bunuševac Kosta, Čekić Jovan, Ćirić Rastko,  Damnjanović Jelena, Dragojlović Marija, Đekić Marta, Đurić Uroš, Glid Gabrijel, Jeremić Moca, Komad Vladimir, Komatina Ana, Conti Picamus Fererico, Konjikušić Marija, Kovač Žolt, Lapčević Milica, Marinković Milan-Cile, Marković Jelena, Milunović Mihael, Miljuš Branko (19636-2012), Nikitović Nenad, Ognjanović Koča, Opavsky Vesna, Otašević Dušan, Pantić Aleksandar, Petrović Ivan, Petrović Jelena, Pleskonja Ivona, Popović Zoran,  Prodanović Mileta, Radoman Caranović Dina, Radovanović Ana, Rajčević Balša, Rakočević-Cvijanov Maja, Savić Slaviša, Srb Aleksandar, Stajčić Milorad, Stanković Miodrag, Stanković Nina, Stanojević Jovanka, Stojanović Jelena, Stojanović Slobodan Dane, Stojković Milica, Tepavac-Tarin Milan, Tepavac Milorad, Terzić Predrag-Peđa, Todorović Aleksandar, Todorović Nina, Todosijević Marko Mrvax,Todosijević Raša, Trnavac Filip, Vasiljev Asja, Vasiljev Marija, Vicković Selena, Vitale Morassutti Marie and Vlahović Jugoslav.

Šumatovačka Art Collection – Work in Progress represents continuous contribution to the community.

General manager
MD Vesna Bogunović
Theoretician of Art and Media

Project curator and coordinator
Ksenija Marinković
Art historian