Children are actively involved in cognitive process through multidisciplinary learning and creating during workshops. Afterwords, they transform apprehended elements into new creative forms related to work and imagery of Duško Radović and the 90th anniversary of his birth. Duško Radović set high standards in working with children and for the children, so we learn from him with a pleasure. Final event is a presentation of works that children made during the workshops.


Manual for teachers and interactive book for children which consist of selected children’s works and photos, give us an insight to metodology for children related projects (in order to be used in active learning classes). 

Good Morning Belgrade

Dušan Duško Radović (1922—1984)


Both publications are written by Jasminka Petrović and Maša Avramović and followed by a DVD edition of documentary film created by Andreja Radosavljević.


Author: Jasminka Petrović, children’s book writer

Workshops led by: Jasminka Petrović and Maša Avramović, pedagogue, assistant professor at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Project coordinator: Danijela Rančić, professor of Serbian language and literature


Organizations and institutions involved in the project: Belgrade City Library, Studio B TV station, theater Malo pozorište Duško Radović, RTS – National Television, program for children, elementary school OŠ Duško Radović, Novi Beograd, NO C31, Studio 13, Vladimir Petrović’s advertising agency and Vračar schools from which are gathered all the participants in the program.