Concept/Led by: MA Milan Tepavac Tarin, painter, MA in  multimedia arts

Multimedia art project/workshop Different, but the Same Thing aimes to open the space for communication of groups which are not necessarily connected by similar age or  occupation, but should interact in integrated cultural and social environment, as well as on a  family and general interpersonal level.  

Elderly people who want to get involved in current trends, especially to overcome obstacles in communication (e.g. internet) with their surroundings in this modern age of fast, intense changes, stressful even for the most active and vibrant community members, benefit in particularly from this kind of programs.  This method also helps them express themselves creatively through collaborating with young people and actualize hidden talents and abilities which had been neglected because of lack of time and opportunities before they were retired. Not only that mutual exchange of experiences, knowledge and universal creative force of mixed teams brings possibilities of creating a unique multimedia work of art, it also introduces a new beauty of living together.

The goal is to overcome certain life difficulties by using art medium, as well as to evoke latent creative capabilities which couldn’t been manifested during classical education. 

Multimedia art is a special artistic discipline that gives an opportunity to each individua to express creativity by using  different types of intelligence, no matter the previous experience in arts.

Art disciplines studied in workshop process include classical fine art disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpting, as well as new media as digital art, electronic and classical sound, various written records, installations and performances, even some basic insights in classical history of art and new theoretical findings in theory of culture. 

Уметник у олтару, Милан Тепавац



















Artist of the altar, Milan Tepavac Tarin