Радионица  Маске, водила Јелена Стојановић, Центар за културу Гроцка, 2011/Folk Mask Workshop, led by: Jelena Stojanović, Cultural Centre Grocka, 24.06.2011.

                        Folk Mask Workshop, led by: Jelena Stojanović, Cultural Centre Grocka, 24.06.2011.


The project CREATIVE EDUCATIONAL CENTRE – THAT’S MY SCHOOL TOO (Šumatovačka Visiting) is program that is being carried out in cooperation with elementary and high schools (Science through Image, Šumatovačka in your schoolyards, etc.). It has been initiated with the intention to make creative programs of the Center more accessible to their beneficieries, primarily to children and youth of school age.


By using step by step method, we are contributing to our community in process of adopting principle of encouraging  and cultivating creative and artistic education of children and youth. One particularly important circumstance is that project activities are being held in different municipalities, different city districts which are more accessible to  participants because they attend them in their neighborhoods, and activities are mostly coordinated localy. This program could be implemented in every part of the city-  our whole city is a stage - wherever children can and wish to gather and introduce themselves.

This project contributes to bringing out a conscious needs of and school child as a creative productive human being and to participating of that child in development of cultural needs beginning at young age.


Šumatovačka in your schoolyards

Through painting of a facade or a school yard wall,  with a help of the teachers/artists from Šumatovačka, teenagers/students gain practical knowledge in designing and creating projects on a professional level. They are trained in solving problems with the group, also, they become aware of their own abilities and act within the community. 











Science through Image project: Workshop at basic school Drinka Pavlović (6th grade, professor of biology Tatjana Turšijan), subject: The Birds, led by Marija Vasiljev and Adrijana Ignjatović, 10.04.2013. Belgrade

Science through Image project connects interactively two constantly separated structures- so-

called “serious” school education and every child’s individual creative space with the intent to create their meeting point where they contribute to quality personality growth of a child. It is designed as an added quality to elementary education which insists on principles of nourishing and investing in the development of creative and artistic potentials.  By taking care and encouraging children and young people, this project builds a platform for developing their interests, creative explorations and break into the world of new ideas and concepts which would enrich children’s experiences and expand their comprehension. That is a journey through universe plane of education, science, art and imagination.

 Created by: MA Vesna Bogunović, Theoretician of Art and Media






Cooperation with elementary schools (Mixer Kids, Mixer festival, May 29th 2002, Vučina kuća, 61 Karadjordjeva St. Workshop led by: Asja vasiljev and Marija Vasiljev)