Collaboration: Šumatovačka - Center of fine Arts and Education and CEDEUM, Center for Drama in Education and Art

Wealth of a city is greatly reflected in multiculturality, as well as in communication mode of different cultural bases which createt an interactive and modern cultural ambience, always new, unique and open. Inclusion of all social groups and minorities is not only important, than necessary in modern society.

Two percents Belgrade population is consisted of members of Roma community.

Roma meanders is actually perennial platform for introduction of Roma culture through creative, communicative, interesting and educative contents, as well as creation of two-way communication with wider social groups.

Brief project description: Chosen available public areas are devided into chess-like squares depending on size of the venue:


In each of these themed squares dedicated to one of visual arts (workshops are interactive- participants are working separately and with participants in other squares), so-called final products are made and they will be used/ publicly exhibited during three days of ongoing event.

There would be results presented in various ways from year to year. One year the subject, specifically the common theme would be a theatre production, in next year a concert, after that an exhibition etc. This theme would be treated by each workshop in a manner closest to specific workshop’s activity. That way, participants in Mask square would be making costumes for the production, painters would be creating the set as well as graphic artists, Dance and Song workshops participants would be preparing a stage performance... 

There will be around twenty people engaged in the project, several artists, as well as experts from the field of culture which will acively participate in all project processes. Through these workshops, participants will also gain certain practical skills applicable in real life situations. That way, the participants and all interested viewers will get insight and informed through actual example that art isn’t a hermetic area and equally important that Roma art isn’t just about song and dance.

Author: MD Vesna Bogunović, Theoretician of Art and Media